Win a Keg in the WSFL Treasure Hunt!

Win a Keg in the WSFL Treasure Hunt!

WSFL has teamed up with Blackbeard’s Triple Play in downtown New Bern to give you a chance to win a keg, but you have to earn it!

It’s a treasure hunt, with a keg full of gold – golden delicious beer!

We’ve given away two kegs, sand the third is gonna require a little more effort on your part. The third and final keg will be awarded to the lucky rocker who figures out the location of the final keg and actually goes there. There will be a certificate at that location, with a secret winning phrase and instructions on how to claim that treasure! (In your search for the third keg, please do not dig, dismantle, or otherwise destroy anything – the keg certificate will not require you to cause any sort of damage to anyone’s property.)

CLUES FOR THURSDAY 9/19: Casey Jones – and we have a winner!!! David Harris correctly guessed that the keg was at on the train car at Riverwalk Park in Jacksonville!

CLUES FOR WEDNESDAY 9/18: Take a walk, hit the bricks, get off the stage, 309

CLUES FOR TUESDAY 9/17: Also a city in Florida, North of Wilson Bay, not a retail store, Here comes the judge

CLUES FOR MONDAY 9/16: South of where the last keg was found, north of Sneads Ferry, the opposite of off and fast, near the water


CLUES FOR WEDNESDAY 9/11: Raise your hand, in search of booty at the point, don’t be cannon fodder… and, WE GOT A WINNER in the 3pm hour!

Congratulations to Charles Conway of Fountain who correctly guessed the keg was hidden beneath the pirate statue in front of Pirates Pointe shopping center at the Greenville Mall!

CLUES FOR TUESDAY 9/10: Not on campus; Major intersection; southeast of Vidant Medical Center; Shop till you drop 

CLUES FOR MONDAY 9/9: West of Highway 17; a county named for William, or, what you find at the center of a peach; BMX Pro Town USA; south of an airport


Must be 21 to participate.

Click here for contest rules.