Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller

I am originally from Michigan, born in Detroit, but I’ve been here in ENC for about 14 years now. I love radio, love music, and love being involved in things happening in the community. If I can make you laugh by saying something silly, make your day better by playing your song, or just be there to chat when you need me, then I am a happy camper. I can’t imagine doing anything other than radio!

I’m on the air Monday through Friday, 10am-2pm. Got the Workforce Block at 10 – a big looooong block of uninterrupted tunes (this is when I troll Facebook!); the all Request Classic Pigout at noon, and the Live 1 at 1. Thursday is my favorite day though – that’s when the Theme Park takes over the Pigout, and all the songs have to follow the theme. Could be one word band names, guitar greats, songs with day and/or night in the title……I make YOU do the work!

About me:

I hit the jackpot in the dude lottery and got married in 2015. He hasn’t smothered me with a pillow yet…..but I’m sure it’s coming.

I love sports and regularly lose my voice hollering at the TV, which cracks my husband up. I cried when Peyton Manning retired. I cried when Steve Yzerman left the Red Wings. I cry when the Patriots win anything.

We have a rescue pup named Poe. She is a black and white mixed breed ball of energy – pit bull, lab, terrier, boxer. After we lost our mastiff, Loki, we decided to downsize, so we went from 170lbs to about 45lbs for Miss Poe.

I am addicted to Jeopardy.

I am a foodie and love to cook. I would eat myself into a coma if nobody stopped me.

Travel is my passion. I want to go EVERYWHERE and have been fortunate enough to visit London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Venice, Mexico, the Bahamas, Canada and many of the states in the US.

I love animals and would have a farm if I could.

I kissed the Stanley Cup.

I adore the beach. The sound of the ocean is my lullaby.

I love the smell of horse manure.

I always have my nose in a book. Favorite authors: Leon Uris (tops the list), Richard Adams, Lee Child, Chuck Klosterman, Robert Ludlum, Sue Grafton……I could go on all day!

Good News

Today’s Good News 7-10-20

Someone at a restaurant in Ocean Grove, NJ called The Starving Artist ordered $43 in food and left the staff a $1,000 tip. Here’s a great idea to get people back to work.  A group in West Palm Beach, FL started doing drive-thru job fairs to help people find jobs. An 11-year-old girl in Houston has been running a nonprofit called Lily’s Toy…

Good News

Today’s Good News 7-9-20

There’s a woman on TikTok named Lexy Kadey who started something called the “Venmo Challenge.”  She asks her followers to donate what they can, even if it’s a few cents.  Then she uses that money to leave HUGE tips at restaurants.  She went to a Cheesecake Factory in Baltimore on the Fourth of July, and left her waitress $628. Tens of thousands of…

Good News

Today’s Good News 7-8-20

A charity called Brides Across America is giving free wedding dresses to nurses. And speaking of nurses…..a nurse in Chile has been taking care of COVID-19 patients around the clock. But two days a week, she still sticks around after work to play her violin for them. And finally…………..

Good News

Today’s Good News 7-7-20

A woman in Houston who beat the virus just gave birth to a healthy set of triplets. That’s impressive! The Louvre reopened in Paris yesterday.  Everyone who visits has to wear a mask and follow a specific path through the museum. It’s the first time it’s been open to the public since March 13. And finally……………


Rock News Randoms 7-2-20

PETER FRAMPTON has a new shirt design available in his online store. It’s the original art from the Frampton Comes Alive album, but with a twist. It shows him wearing a face mask and it’s titled “Frampton Stays Inside!” – the back of the shirt continues the stay at home theme. Click here to purchase.  TESLA released a…