Man Made Radio w/ Rhyan

Man Made Radio w/ Rhyan

As you can tell, Rhyan is usually very deep in thought. About what, nobody has any idea.

Rhyan was raised on the mean streets of 1980’s Washington, DC. He spent his childhood avoiding bullies, crackheads, and trying not to get his new sneakers stolen.

After Rhyan’s parents divorced, his mother hired a husky nurse to pick him up at the bus stop every afternoon and walk him home. The other moms at the bus stop thought this meant Rhyan was under mental observation, and instructed the other kids not to pick on him.

To this day, whenever Rhyan takes the bus anywhere, he hires a husky nurse to meet him when he gets off at the bus station… and to this day, nobody bothers him when he gets off the bus.

Rhyan has called ENC his home since 2010. It has been is own personal space odyssey.

Feel free to shoot him a line at Rhyan@WSFL.COM

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