Drugs Don’t Enhance Creativity, According to Nikki Sixx

Drugs Don’t Enhance Creativity, According to Nikki Sixx

Photo credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

For better or worse, a popular belief is that the best songs were written when the musicians were COMPLETELY HIGH.  But former MOTLEY CRUE bassist NIKKI SIXX says that’s not necessarily the case, because in his experience, drugs make it difficult to do ANYTHING.

He says, quote, “I was thinking about 1987 and how I was barely able to get an album done and a tour.  And, actually, the tour was canceled, the last part of the tour.

“And in 2017, I’m able to do a radio show, write books, do photography, be a better husband, a father, and be part of these conversations that are happening.  So, I really think that sobriety gives you more energy and more creativity.”

Nikki overdosed on heroin several times back in the ’80s.  Now, he’s campaigning to raise awareness of the opioid crisis, and how the government isn’t doing enough to fight it.

Check out the video interview with MSNBC here.