Rock News Randoms – 11-3-17

Rock News Randoms – 11-3-17

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will debut their third lead singer at a concert in West Hollywood on November 14. There’s no word who it is, or if it’s even someone anyone would know.  One rumored name is former “X Factor” contestant Jeff Gutt.  And there’s also been talk that they could go the Journey route, because there’s a Filipino guy they’ve supposedly been looking at named John Borja.

According to a new book, BON SCOTT was thinking about quitting AC/DC before his death, because he knew the rock star life was killing him.

SAMMY HAGAR figures the VAN HALEN brothers aren’t interested in being his friend, so he doesn’t hold out any hope of another reunion.

The “supergroup” LEVEE WALKERS released their first single, “All Things Fade Away”.  The group consists of Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCreadyGuns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKaganScreaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin, and some singer you’ve never heard of.

The hit flick Pretty Woman is being turned into a musical. It’s set to premiere in the spring of 2018 in Chicago, and features music and lyrics by BRYAN ADAMS.

CHARLIE DANIELS’ autobiography is called “Never Look at the Empty Seats”.  That title is also his advice to new artists.  They play to a lot of empty seats in the beginning of their career, and he says it’s better to focus on the ones with people in them.

In a recent interview, ROBERT PLANT said that he hates his early LED ZEPPELIN vocals.

NEIL YOUNG is selling off a bunch of his stuff, including cars, guitars, and model trains.  Don’t laugh about the model trains.  Neil is WAY into them.  He’s got some expensive stuff.

JOE SATRIANI has a new album coming out on January 12.  What Happens Next features pals GLENN HUGHES on bass and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer CHAD SMITH. Check out a new track from the album, “Thunder High on the Mountain”: