The Key to Getting Better Sleep Is . . . Having Sex

The Key to Getting Better Sleep Is . . . Having Sex

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Next time you think you’re TOO TIRED to have sex, here’s something to keep in mind:  You’ll be even LESS tired if you get-it-on.

According to a new survey of people who actually sleep WELL, the biggest key is having themselves some sexual relations. 68% of the people in the survey say that sex helps them sleep better.  33% say reading before bed helps them sleep, and 29% say they wind down by listening to music. The National Sleep Foundation agrees that sex is a great way to fall asleep since you release a hormone called prolactin, which makes you tired.

And by the way . . . a different survey just found 70 million Americans have trouble getting a quality night of sleep.

53% say they’d give up alcohol forever to sleep great every night . . . 44% would give up social media . . . 44% would give up pizza . . . and 33% would give up their political beliefs.


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