Rock News Randoms 3-7-18

Rock News Randoms 3-7-18

ROLLING STONES drummer CHARLIE WATTS wasn’t impressed byDAVID BOWIE’s musical abilities.  Quote, “He was a lovely guy and he wrote a couple of good songs.  But for me, he wasn’t this musical genius.”

IZZY STRADLIN could have taken part in the GUNS N’ ROSES reunion.  He even rehearsed with the band.  But something went wrong, and he left.

Showtime is reported to be working on a documentary about the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS.

KEITH RICHARDS is apologizing for suggesting that MICK JAGGER should get a vasectomy.  In an interview, he said, quote, “Mick is a randy old [man].  It’s time for the snip . . . you can’t be a father at that age.”

JOURNEY’s “Greatest Hits” has become only the third album to spend 500 weeks on the “Billboard” 200 chart.

METALLICA are launching their own brand of whiskey. And people have been complaining about LARS ULRICH’s snare drum on METALLICA’s “St. Anger” album since it came out.  And now, some guy on YouTube is trying to prove that he can replicate that sound on a GARBAGE CAN LID.

TOMMY LEE got into a fight Monday night with his 21-year-old son BRANDON, and ended up in the hospital with a fat lip.  Brandon is reportedly telling people he acted in self-defense, and his dad was drunk.  Brandon’s mom is PAMELA ANDERSON.

Sources say JOHN MELLENCAMP and MEG RYAN are planning their wedding.

Did you watch the Academy Awards? Yeah, neither did we. But we did see the video of PEARL JAM frontman EDDIE VEDDER performing “Room at the Top” from the late TOM PETTY during the “In Memoriam” segment.

ROBERT PLANT is still holding fast against a LED ZEPPELIN reunion.  He says, quote, “If I didn’t [keep doing new things] I’d be a whore, and I’m never going to be that . . . So I move on all the time.