Rock News Randoms 3-30-18

Rock News Randoms 3-30-18

AEROSMITH’S STEVEN TYLER is doing a solo tour that gets underway June 12. He’ll be playing 13 dates.

A rich guy who owns a string of nursing homes paid $1 million to have ROGER DALTREY sing at his 60th birthday party in L.A..

Rumors are floating around that ANGUS YOUNG may be writing a new AC/DC album for AXL ROSE to sing.

JIMI HENDRIX was an avid “Monopoly” fan.  His sister says, quote, “He loved to be the little shoe, and he would buy up all the slum properties and gradually put motels and hotels on them.  And he was out for blood . . . he wanted to win.”

GENE SIMMONS has come around on marijuana.  He said, quote, “I have to man up and admit in the past, I used to dismiss lots of things because of ignorance and arrogance.  About three years ago when I did my own research, I found out astonishingly new information that doctors and researchers were talking about with regards to cannabis.”

BLACK SABBATH’S TONY IOMMI is hoping to find the time to write songs with ROB HALFORD of JUDAS PRIEST. Apparently, the two have talked about it in the past.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by QUEEN has been voted the Best Sing-Along Car song in a recent poll . . . followed by “Livin’ on a Prayer” by BON JOVI.

JETHRO TULL continues to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band. 50 for 50, a box set, will be out on May 25.

RON WOOD of the ROLLING STONES has been given the all-clear after his battle with cancer.

DAVE GROHL’s very first album will be released on April 27th.  It’s called “No More Censorship”, and it was recorded by his band SCREAM in 1988.