Radio Station Updates

Radio Station Updates

3/27/19: First day in the new studio – and it has that awesome new studio smell!

3/26/19: MOVING DAY! Engineers are moving us into the new studio!!!!!!

3/25/19: Prep work for new WSFL studio being wrapped up

3/21/19: Another station has been moved into the new studio

3/20/19: First station moved into new studio

3/11/19: We’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern, as we wait for some issues to be ironed out with new software and equipment for our new studios.

2/4/19: Two commercial production studios up and running

1/28/19: Systems being tested, painting and soundproofing being worked on

1/22/19: Some microphones installed in studios, cabling being organized and labeled

1/14/19: Monitor configuration being set up in studios, wiring continues in studios

1/10/19: Studios being wired, on air staff has moved into offices, pod is being raided for anything salvageable

1/7/19: Computers configured and set up in offices, office staff has moved back in, sales staff has moved back in, employee entrance door has been replaced

1/4/19: Office furniture has arrived and is being placed throughout the building!!!!

12/31/18: Phones installed in offices, toilet paper roll holders in bathrooms (we celebrate every little thing!)

12/24 – 12/28/18: Holiday break (Nooooooooooooooo!!!)

12/12/17/18: Studio furniture being assembled

12/14/18: New studio cabinets, counters and furniture delivered

12/12/18: New toilets, sinks and floors in the bathrooms

12/10/18: Carpet being installed

12/05/18: New computers for station operation being prepped

12/03/18: Internet and phone cables being installed into offices and studios

11/29/18: TVs reinstalled in conference room

11/27/18: More electrical

11/21/18: Electrical work under way to hang new lights

11/20/18: We’ve got phones for both numbers in the temp studio. 252-633-1065 and 866-484-1065

11/17/18: Painting is pretty much done

11/14/18: HVAC is installed through the entire building.

11/07/18: The area of the building that contains our studios now has new heat and A/C!

11/06/18: A/C finally gave up the ghost, but new units are being installed. Doors are being painted.

11/05/18: Doors are up, moulding is up and painting has begun.

10/26/18: Doors have arrived!

10/24/18: Sheetrock is up, mudding and sanding is starting. Who’s gonna dust this place????

10/22/18: You can call us! We’ve got our toll-free line being forwarded to a cell phone in our temporary studio. 866-484-1065 is the number. Holler! We’ve .also got walls for the bathroom – hooray

10/16/18: Well, they took our toilet away…..hahahahahaha. And we only have plastic and paper bathroom walls, which we thought was bad, right up until the toilet disappeared. They did bring it back, but it was dicey for a while there. Oh, and we got doors for the studios – okay, they’re just giant foam slabs, but still.

10/9/18: John Boy and Billy are back live at 6am!

10/2/18: Things have been pretty crazy in Eastern North Carolina in the last several weeks, including at our studios. We had to evacuate, and our building was one of many that were damaged by Hurricane Florence, with almost three feet of water flooding our radio home. We salvaged what we could, but we did lose most of our equipment and furniture. Running off generator power, our engineer was able to get WSFL and our sister stations back on the air, but with no studios, there’s been no way to carry John Boy and Billy in the morning, and no way for our air staff to broadcast either. We’ve been running some bits from the Big Show weekday mornings so you can get your laugh on, and the staff has been out and about in ENC, volunteering, and posting important relief info on our social media platforms.

Our building has been cleaned out, the power is back on, and we’re hoping to have some temporary studios set up soon, so we can get the crew back on the air. It’ll be a bare bones operation for a while, and we may not have phones, so please reach out to us via email, on Facebook or on Twitter. (We’re hoping to at least have a bathroom with walls!) We’ll keep you updated with our progress.

We appreciate your patience, and hope that you’ll stick with us during the recovery and rebuilding process. We know that we’re not the only ones dealing with the aftermath of Florence – our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the storm, and we’ll do everything we can to be there for you, in as many ways as we can. Together, we are #ENCStrong.

We have truly missed talking and laughing with you every day, and we can’t wait to get back in the saddle again.