Rock News Randoms 1-3-19

Rock News Randoms 1-3-19

Burning questions for 2019: What is AC/DC up to, and who are they working with? Same question for VAN HALEN. Will THE EAGLES release a new album this year? How about the STONES? 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of AEROSMITH and ZZ TOP – is either band planning something big and splashy? What sort of project is JIMMY PAGE working on?

BLACK SABBATH will be one of the artists getting Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys this year. 

Joe Elliott has revealed that DEF LEPPARD is in talks to play another Vegas residency in 2019. 

Axeman BRIAN MAY of QUEEN has released a new solo track, his first in more than 20 years. “New Horizons” debuted from the NASA mission control center in Maryland on New Year’s Day. Dr. May, who is an astrophysicist, is part of NASA’s New Horizons probe team. Check out the video for the new tune.

On December 29 in NY state, LOU GRAMM, former frontman for FOREIGNER, announced that that night would be his final solo show.

Coming August 16-18, an event marking the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival will reportedly include live performances from prominent and emerging artists spanning multiple genres and decades, and TED-style talks from leading futurists and retro-tech experts.”

MOTLEY CRUE’s film, “The DIrt”, will be out on March 22. But the band apparently has something planned for Super Bowl Sunday, recently tweeting “02.03.19 #ad”.

If you loved QUEEN’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie, and a lot of people did, you can own it soon. It will be available digitally on January 22, then on DVD, Blu-ray and other formats on February 12.