Rock News Randoms 6-10-20

Rock News Randoms 6-10-20

DEE SNIDER has been busy during the lockdown. In a recent interview with “Metal Casino Live”  he said: “I just finished my first fictional novel, which going out to publishers now, so I hope I’m gonna get a deal on that. I’m scheduled to direct two movies. I was supposed to be directing one right now, but the COVID thing shut down production — a new scary movie called ‘My Enemy’s Enemy’ that I wrote. I’ve been hired to rewrite a cult classic from the ’80s that I may be directing as well.”  Read more from Blabbermouth here.

A YouTuber fed all of METALLICA’s lyrics into an AI bot and asked it to write a NEW Metallica song. The words don’t necessarily make sense, but thematically, they’re basically in the Metallica wheelhouse. The song is called “Deliverance Rides”.  The lyrics include . . . “Beaten down and destroy / Dead sure she’ll never you betray / Hell is the one who waits for you / Now I roam the world all alone.” ……………..“Bound by leather steeds they ride / Crown yourself the world and tired / Dying, the one who waits for you / No, there’s no longer cares.”……………..And the chorus goes:  “I’m the sun, I’m insane / Yes, she’ll never love / Never me, so let it be / Obey your eyes / Death!  Deliverance rides!  Hey, hey!” And the guy even set it to music. 

Several rock cruises have fallen prey to COVID-19, including the Kiss Kruise.

A band called SPIRIT MACHINES recorded a mashup of LED ZEPPELIN‘s “Kashmir” and TOOL‘s “Sober”.  They call it “Zober”. 

QUEEN‘s axeman BRIAN MAY topped a list of the greatest guitarists of all time in Total Guitar magazine. 

ACE FREHLEY is working on a new album for release in 2021.

In honor of his 60th birthday, STEVE VAI released a new song called “Candle Power”