Rock News Randoms 7-10-20

Rock News Randoms 7-10-20

Trying to work off that “Quarantine 15”? Join DEF LEPPARD‘s  “30 Day Fitness Challenge With Phil Collen”. Collen is 62 and is in the great shape – hope you can keep up.

AEROSMITH‘s 50th-anniversary concert is the latest big event to be postponed. The show was set for September 14 at Fenway Park in Boston, but will now happen on the same date in 2021.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is being replaced by an HBO special on November 7th. This year’s honorees include DEPECHE MODE, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS, WHTNEY HOUSTON, NINE INCH NAILS, THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. and T-REX

METALLICA‘s All Within My Hands foundation continues to do good things. More grant money is on the way for Feeding America, which supports food banks acros the country, plus new charitable donations to a variety of causes. Read more here.

Coming September 4, deluxe editions of the ROLLING STONES’ Goats Head Soup album. Here’s one of the previously unreleased tracks that will be included. 

Last month, CHARLIE DANIELS sat down for what turned out to be his last on-camera interview.  It was on Fox Nation’s “The Pursuit with John Rich” and it was originally scheduled for August, but it’s going to air tonight (7/10/20). Charlie shared several stories about his life, including this one that happened when he was 21 . . . before he was a full-time musician.  Quote, “I was working [with] a guy named Louis Frost.  He actually trained me, and he trained my dad. “[Work] started slowing down and they were going to lay him off and keep me.  He knew ten times more about the job than I did, but the only problem was, this was 1958.  He was Black and I was White.  That’s what made the decision. “It was like comparing apples to oranges as far as who did the job better.  They were gonna let him go, and keep me who was basically just a novice, and I said, ‘You know, no.  I’ve got a job.  I play music.  Y’all keep him and I’ll leave.’  “And I did.  He stayed in that job and he retired from that job . . . [and] he changed my whole life.” 

OZZYSHARON, and JACK OSBOURNE are doing a paranormal show for the Travel Channel called “The Osbournes Want to Believe”. 

This is easily one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen a celebrity do:  EDDIE VEDDER from PEARL JAM hit a baseball thrown from a speeding boat . . . WHILE SURFING.