WSFL Checks Out The Aurora Fossil Museum… Ya Dig?

WSFL Checks Out The Aurora Fossil Museum… Ya Dig?

People travel from far and wide to enjoy one of ENC’s most unique attractions and activities… the Aurora Fossil Museum! While the museum is currently closed for renovation, it’s history takes us back millions of years when the ocean covered the area of what is now part of the coastal plain. During our visit, the folks digging for fossils had travelled from Raleigh and Charlotte to brave the overcast, chilly conditions and take advantage of the museum’s rare geological finds.

According to the museum’s website, the sediments that make up the record of the past are exposed at the Nutrien phosphate mine located near the town of Aurora. The various layers of earth, called formations, can be seen in succession going from the surface down to the base of the valuable phosphate ore that is collected.

You can also explore already recovered artifacts, rocks, and minerals in the museum’s gift shop. They also sell the tools needed to dig on your own on the museum’s property.

So if you’re looking for a safe, socially distanced activity that is enriched with Eastern North Carolina geological history, take a trip to Aurora and check out the Fossil Museum.