Rock News Randoms 1-21-21

Rock News Randoms 1-21-21

GENE SIMMONS says money is NOT the root of all evil . . . LACK of money is. 

Somebody did a video mashup they called “James Hetfield and the News”.  It mixes the music of HUEY LEWIS‘ “Hip To Be Square” with JAMES HETFIELD singing “Enter Sandman”There’s also a little MEGADETH and JUDAS PRIEST tossed in there too.


PEARL JAM sent a cease-and-desist letter to a cover band called Pearl Jamm, claiming their name is damaging their brand and causing confusion. Fake Pearl Jamm says, quote, “This isn’t the Pearl Jam we know and love.” They did, however, change their name to LEGAL JAM, in order to avoid legal action by their inspiration. 

The 2021 Glastonbury Festival has been canceled, a victim of the pandemic.

DAVE MUSTAINE from MEGADETH has a purple belt in jiu-jitsu.

Tico the parrot loves to rock.

Click here to see BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, DAVE GROHL and JON BON JOVI perform on the evening of Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

The latest person to cash in on rock music? Legendary producer BOB ROCK. He sold his rights to METALLICA‘s massive “Black Album” to an investment firm.