Want To Take A Trip Back In Time? Take A Moment To Pause… At Paw Paw’s!

Want To Take A Trip Back In Time? Take A Moment To Pause… At Paw Paw’s!

Have you ever driven past a place a million times and always wondered what it was actually like inside? That’s how we’ve always felt about Paw Paws Pawn & Thrift in Vanceboro, and they didn’t disappoint in the curiosity department!

Meet James, he runs the joint. You can ask him anything about the gems inside and he can tell you the story behind them!

From vintage electronics like this JVC 3-CD boom box, to an original burlap Purina Hog Chow sack, to one-of-a-kind works of art, they’ve got all kinds of finds you won’t see anywhere else!

Love ocean liners of the past? This book on the Cunard White Star Quadruple-Screw Liner is right up your alley. Or, David Hamilton was a British photographer and film director best known for his photography using his signature soft focus style called the “Hamilton Blur”, which was erroneously thought to be achieved by smearing Vaseline on the lens of his camera. Here’s one of his prints! Even this A.B. Hardy Genuine Chevrolet hat made it to NC all the way from Dallas, Georgia.

Still kicking ourselves for not snatching up this classic radio. Somebody’s North Carolina Central University yearbook from 1991 made it all the way from Durham. If you’re looking to open your own Tecumseh engine/transmission business, heeeeere’s yer sign!  Named after a Shawnee chief, warrior, and orator who promoted Native American resistance to the expansion of the United States onto Native American lands, today they manufacture from four continents!

So if you’re a curious sort, or just like to track down interesting collectables, pull over in Vanceboro and go exploring inside Paw Paw’s!