Rock News Randoms 2-2-21

Rock News Randoms 2-2-21

Here’s behind the scenes footage recorded during the making of AC/DC’s “Realize” video.

WENDY DIO, widow of RONNIE JAMES DIO, says that RJD‘s autobiography is finished, and could come out on July 10, which is his birthday.  

JON BON JOVI didn’t even think “Livin‘ on a Prayer” was that good when they recorded it. 

And now, an excellent violin cover of VAN HALEN’s “Eruption”, compliments of Unlucky Morpheus, a Japanese metal band.

WOLFGANG VAN HALEN’s MAMMOTH WVH will perform on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on February 11.

Coming April 23, the PETER FRAMPTON BAND‘s all-instrumental covers album, Frampton Forgets the Words. Here’s a taste, as trhey take on “Reckoner,” from RADIOHEAD. 

CHRIS CORNELL‘s widow has confirmed that a second volume of No One Sings Like You Anymore will happen. 

LENNY KRAVITZ hopes his Super Bowl commercial for Stella Artois will encourage people to spread love and invest in each other.