Finding Food Truck Fun In Jacksonville!

Finding Food Truck Fun In Jacksonville!

Have you ever been just tooling around and see people lined up to get their hands on something from a random food truck and can’t resist checking out what’s drawing a crowd? It was a cool, overcast day in Jacksonville Sunday 3/21 and for some reason a crowd had formed in a parking lot off of Western Blvd. so our investigative instincts kicked in.

Turns out the upstart food truck ‘Two Crazy Donuts’ was serving ’em up and people were out in droves. Johnny and his wife Emma started selling these mini-donuts out of thier food cart after noticing long lines for them during their travels around the country pre-pandemic. They realized there was a serious HOLE in the market (donut joke intended) in the ENC and decided to give the business a try.


They now have a loyal fan following with flavors like Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Maple, Pumpkin Spice, Strawberry, Lemon, Chocolate, Blueberry, Green Apple, White Icing, and Caramel, along with beverages like Iced Coffee. They typically head out three days a week to spots all over the Crystal Coast from their home base in Morehead City.

So great to have so many quality local businesses with food trucks in Eastern North Carolina, so if you’re looking for a twist that’s not an average treat, keep an eye out for the Two Crazy Donuts truck – they’ve even got swag!