The Blood Connection Hits Havelock

The Blood Connection Hits Havelock

Got blood? Trick question – we all do. That’s why if you head over to you have a chance to help out with ENC’S blood shortage. On Friday, April 30th, we swung by St. Paul Lutheran Church to see how the whole mobile blood donation process works.

The idea is you show up, you fill out a form, you get hooked up. It’s pretty simple. Per the Blood Connection’s site, “…if you are feeling healthy and well, NOW is the time to donate with The Blood Connection. The Blood Connection is offering NEW COVID-19 Antibody Testing as a service to all donors. TBC’s new antibody test now checks for a natural immune response to the virus AND a response from any of the COVID-19 vaccines. Results will be made available 7 business days after donation.”

The have an urgent need right now to save local lives with YOUR donation. This particular drive was also beneficial to the Coastal Women’s Shelter, where for every donation of blood, the Blood Connection donated $20.


As you can see, they can handle multiple donors on any Blood Connection vehicle, safely and securely. So don’t miss out. They appreciate your donation more than you know, and more importantly, you’re saving somebody’s life with every donation.