Man Made Radio Goes on a Quest to Find a Working ENC Pay Phone!

Man Made Radio Goes on a Quest to Find a Working ENC Pay Phone!

Ever got some loose change and need to make a call? Well Man Made Radio found just the spot!

You see, we love to harken back to simpler times. Without all of the sophisticated flibbity-floo of modern technology. So the staff of MMR (also the abbreviation for the measles mumps & rubella vaccine) took a ride out to Windsor, NC… in search of one of the last working, functional pay phones in Eastern North Carolina. Sure, the most recent instructions were from 2005, and a couple of the credit cards they suggested you use have long since been out of business. It was just refreshing to know that a resource such as a coin-operated pay phone was still available to the community.

The phone in question was located in front of the ‘Little Golden Skillet‘ fried chicken joint (they’ve got breakfast, too) and there was a recently used styrofoam cup resting nearby, indicating there is no shortage of refreshments when you’re making a call.

We also got to stop by the Bertie County Day Reporting Center Community Corrections Complex, where freedom is just a phone call away (if you can get across the street to the pay phone!). If you get pinched and need legal aid, this is your stop.

Then there’s the Road 2 Recovery, where they’re striving every day to reduce the rate of recidivism. They provide programs that teach life skills, anger management, and other coping skills. It is their mission to ensure that justice involved individuals do not repeat their prior actions.

Most curious was the ‘Welcome to Downtown’ storefront shop which had a slightly ajar front door. The store wasn’t rockin’, so we didn’t go a knockin’.

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