Man Made Radio & the Jacksonville Area Soccer Association… What a Kick!

Man Made Radio & the Jacksonville Area Soccer Association… What a Kick!

Snacks, school supplies, and a multi-family yard sale to benefit JASA SURGE the Jacksonville Area Soccer Association? What a great way to spend a Saturday morning! They had art, Star Wars Halloween costumes, and were even dressed up as burgers and dogs… it was an incredible effort – thanks in part to organizer Jennifer DuFore – that we were glad to spread the word about.

According to their site, the Youth Academy is a Player Development program which seeks to improve individual player skills, satisfaction and retention, and to build a less pressured youth soccer environment for coaches, adult spectators, and match officials.The JASA U8, U9, and U10 Youth Academy is designed to teach the fundamental skills which are absolutely necessary to fully enjoy and compete in the sport of soccer.
These skills are best learned by providing clear examples through repetition and proper instruction.

The Youth Academy is designed to remove the results oriented, “win at all cost” mentality associated with youth soccer.┬áThe Academy matches and Festivals will be played without published or recorded scoring and equal playing time is guaranteed for all participants who attend training on a regular basis and maintain a good attitude.

The Academy serves as an instructional program for players ages U8 through U10 who are seeking a more structured environment than Recreational or Challenge soccer, but may not be ready for the competition, travel, and cost of associated with the Classic Soccer Program. The Youth Academy consist of player pools in 3 – 4 different training groups depending on the number of participants, the skill level or age of those participants.
The player pools and/or training groups will be divided into teams for play during each match day or festival weekend. Academy pool teams have the liberty of adjusting their rosters as needed at each match to ensure the proper level of competition is achieved.

All Academy Coaches are required to hold United States Soccer Federation (USSF) age appropriate coaching qualifications that provide the knowledge and understanding of how children learn at different age, stages, and curriculums that are developmentally appropriate for all children.
The Academy Coaching Staff is specially selected and trained to provide introduction to select soccer players in an environment conducive to learning and having FUN! All Coaches are Nationally and Regionally Licensed Coaches.

The JASA Coastal Surge Youth Academy’s mission is to develop the heart, mind, and body of our young athletes by developing their skills and knowledge with a dedicated and supportive staff that model what they teach.
The Youth Academy Staff is fully committed to the development of our players’ love for the game and fundamental skill development as a player, as well as skills on how to succeed in the game of life.