Rock News Randoms 8-25-21

Rock News Randoms 8-25-21
METALLICA has given us another great track from the vaults. Check out "Wherever I May Roam (São Paulo, Brazil - May 2, 1993)", which will be part of the remastered deluxe box set of "The Black Album", coming on September 10. 

WOLFGANG VAN HALEN responded to people who want him to honor his dad by playing VAN HALEN songs.  He said, quote, “I honor my dad by existing and doing what I do every day.  I’m not [effin’] playing ‘Panama’ for you guys.”  

On September 14, TRIUMPH’s RIK EMMETT will release a new poetry book titled “Reinvention: Poems”. Meanhile, the documentary, “Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine”, will premiere September 10 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

DAVE GROHL says listening to NIRVANA’s “In Utero” makes his skin crawl. And in other NIRVANA news…….The kid on the cover of NIRVANA’s “Nevermind” album is suing the band, the photographer, and the record labels, calling the picture child pornography.  Both he and the album are now 30 years old.  Seems like he waited long enough, but the kid on the cover of NIRVANA’s “Nevermind” album is now suing the band for child sexual exploitation and, quote, “distribution of private sexually explicit materials.” His name is Spencer Elden, and just like the album, he’s 30 now.  He was only four months old when he was photographed for the cover, wiener and all. In his lawsuit, he notes that he couldn’t legally consent to his image being used . . . and according to him, it’s CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.  He also says the band promised to cover his nether region with a sticker, but never did. He’s suing the band, its surviving members, KURT COBAIN’s estate, the photographer, and the record labels that released the album.  He wants $150,000 from each plaintiff. Spencer actually has the word “Nevermind” tattooed across his chest.  And in 2016, he recreated the photo for the album’s 25th anniversary . . . but not naked.  That same year, though, he admitted he wasn’t happy to be associated with it. And in the lawsuit he says he has suffered permanent physical, psychological, and financial harm from the photo.  

DEAD & COMPANY played the site of the original Woodstock Monday night . . . and played the GRATEFUL DEAD’s set from the 1969 show.  

GRACE SLICK from JEFFERSON AIRPLANE says she still pays her bills with the royalties from “White Rabbit”

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will release its 11th studio album, “Doom Crew Inc.”, on November 26.

“Renegade” from STYX is played durng the 3rd quarter of every Pittsburgh Steelers home game, and now the band has teamed up with a brewing company to release a special brew called Oh Mama.

Coming October 29, a new MOTÖRHEAD package, “Everything Louder Forever – The Very Best Of”, which will feature 42 tunes.

PAUL STANLEY from KISS sings the praises of METALLICA in a new interview. And if you were wondering who is opening for KISS on their tour….check this out.

Legendary groupie CONNIE HAMZY died this past weekend.  She was 66.  She was “Sweet Sweet Connie” from the GRAND FUNK RAILROAD song “We’re An American Band”.  

STING claims he was tricked into purchasing his vineyard in Tuscany . . . but turned a negative into a positive by producing “excellent wine” there.  The son of the guy who sold it to him is accusing him of slander.