Rock News Randoms 10-29-21

Rock News Randoms 10-29-21

METALLICA is ready to teach you their ways in “Being a Band” with lessons over at  JAMES HETFIELD said, quote, “In our class we not only teach how we write songs and find inspiration for our music, but how the experiences we’ve had together have contributed to successful creative collaboration.” 

And here’s a little Halloween fun with KIRK HAMMETT and ROBERT TRUJILLO.

Want to own the mask from QUIET RIOT‘s Metal Health album? Cough up some cash and participate at this November.

BLACK SABBATH‘s original drummer BILL WARD is writing poetry, and he’s done some verses for Halloween.

TMZ is reporting that GENE SIMMONS has dropped a pile of cash – more than $10 million – for a new home in Beverly Hills, CA.

AC/DC‘s official music video for “Thunderstruck has now gotten more than a billion views on YouTube.

DAVID COVERDALE says his next WHITESNAKE tour will be his last.

There’s going to be a MOTLEY CRUE graphic novel called “Motley Crue’s The Dirt: Declassified”.  It’s available for preorder, but doesn’t come out until April.  

OZZY OSBOURNE‘s Diary Of A Madman album will celebrate its 40th anniversary release date with a new digital release on November 5.