Rock News Randoms 5-17-22

Rock News Randoms 5-17-22

A “Rolling Stone” report claims that TAYLOR HAWKINS had a heart-to-heart with DAVE GROHL shortly before he died, saying he couldn’t hack the FOO FIGHTERS’ grueling tour schedule anymore.  (Both PEARL JAM drummer MATT CAMERON and CHAD SMITH of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have apologized for their comments, saying they were taken out of context.)  

KISS charges $270 for the “Pre-Show Performance And Q&A Experience” on the End of the Road tour. It doesn’t include your ticket, which you have to buy separately, but you do get to see soundcheck. Here’s video from pre-show on May 14 in Hartford, Connecticut. 

On June 17, Rhino will reissue Money For Nothing, the first Dire Straits greatest hits collection (featuring songs from the band’s first five albums), which was originally released in October 1988. Newly remastered by Bob Ludwig, Money For Nothing will be made available in digital and double vinyl formats in early 2023. Fans are invited to listen to “Where Do You Think You’re Going” today and to pre-order the album by going to

PEARL JAM drummer MATT CAMERON got COVID and had to miss a few shows, but instead of canceling, the band recruited some local drummers to sub for him.

Vince Neil of MOTLEY CRUE is in a new commercial for Dollar Loan Center, a short-term loan provider.

SHARON OSBOURNE says that OZZY‘s new album will be out in September.

GEDDY LEE and ALEX LIFESON went to see a show where PRIMUS played the entire RUSH album “Farewell to Kings” . . . and they dug it. 

During a recent show in Brazil, METALLICA’s JAMES HETFIELD admitted to fans that he was dealing with some insecurities . . . and he got support from the rest of the band.

ERIC CLAPTON has announced additional tour dates, although he did have to cancel a few shows recently because he tested positive for COVID. (No dates in our area.)

Tale a video tour of the CLIFF BURTON museum, which opened on May 14 in Sweden. It’s not far from where the METALLICA bass player lost his life in a tour bus accident in 1986.

DAVID CROSBY says he’s been cranking out music because he’s “gonna die” soon. 

There was a study on what colors say about personalities.  So “Loudwire” identified artists who embody different color traits like OZZY OSBOURNE with red and FLEETWOOD MAC with white.