Where You Can Grab a Free Fan, Local VFW Needing Help & More

Where You Can Grab a Free Fan, Local VFW Needing Help & More

Carteret County Aging Services is helping Carteret County seniors cool off through ‘Operation Fan Heat Relief.’ The county is using money from Duke Energy to provide free fans to Carteret County residents who are 60-years-old or older or people younger than 60-years-old with a qualifying disability and have a home situation where the threat to health and well-being exist. The early warning signs of heat stress are decreased energy, slight loss of appetite, light-headedness and nausea. People experiencing these symptoms should go to a cool environment, drink liquids, remove excess clothing and rest. Serious signs of heat stress include flushed, hot, dry skin; fainting; a rapid, weak pulse; rapid, shallow breathing; vomiting; and increased body temperature of more than 104 degrees. Anyone who thinks they are having a medical emergency should not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention by calling 911. To request a fan or obtain more information, please call the Carteret County Aging Services at the Leon Mann Jr. Enrichment Center at (252) 247-2626

Greenville Utilities recently donated 100 fans to the Pitt County Council on Aging. The fans are free to members of the community in need of a way to cool down their homes. In order to receive a fan you must be at least 60 years of age or older, have not received a fan in the last two years, and provide a valid form of ID. More info here.

To find out if there is a program for free fans in your area, click here.

Here’s another heat-related situation……..VFW Post 2514 in New Bern is in need of a new air conditioning system so they can continue operating. You can help by participating in one of their fundraisers, making a donation, or renting their facility for an event, which is on the Neuse River.

Hall Rentals: Game Room $175, Main Hall $650, Bartender $40, Kitchen $125, Cleaning deposit $300. Anything outside of normal operating hours of 3-7pm is $40 per hr.  

Too donate: $Post2514 on Cash App or @Post2514 on Venmo. You can also mail a donation to: VFW Post 2514, 3850 S. Butler Road, New Bern, NC 28562