Rock News Randoms 6-27-22

Rock News Randoms 6-27-22

ROGER WATERS recently hit the stage at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, as he preps for the “This Is Not A Drill” tour.

JUDAS PRIEST’s ROB HALFORD is getting the Funko Pop treatment.

A four part documentary celebrating the 60th anniversary of the ROLLING STONES originally debuted on the BBC, but is coming to the U.S.. My Life as a Rolling Stone will air on Epix on August 7.

PAUL MCCARTNEY rocked for three hours as headliner of the Glastonbury music festival, and his set featured a virtual duet with JOHN LENNON, plus guest appearances from BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and DAVE GROHL, making his return to the stage since the passing of TAYLOR HAWKINS.

TOMMY LEE poked fun at his broken ribs at a MOTLEY CRUE concert last week by throwing barbecue ribs into the crowd. (Profanity Warning:  The video contains F-bombs.) 

ALAN PARSONS recently underwent an “urgent spinal surgery”, and had to postpone some tour dates, but he’s home and resting now.

GAVIN ROSSDALE says we should expect a new BUSH track this summer.

Check out the new MEGADETH track.

ALICE COOPER thinks it’s a GOOD thing that rock isn’t the most popular genre right now. 

A guy with terminal ALS went to a PEARL JAM show in Germany, and the band brought him onstage.  (WARNING:  The video contains profanity.) 

GUNS N’ ROSES covered AC/DC‘s “Back in Black” at a show in the Netherlands.

At a recent L.A. GUNS concert in Texas, TRACII GUNS performed from a bathroom backstage. He explained to fans that he has a panic disorder, which is exacerbated by heat.

Ozzy Osbourne’s new album, “Patient Number 9”, will be out on September 9. The title track, features axeman Jeff Beck.