Rock News Randoms 9-22-23

Rock News Randoms 9-22-23

Former Deep Purple vocalist Glenn Hughes has a solo album coming in 2024.

Johnny Van Zant says a new Lynyrd Skynyrd studio album could happen.

Jimi Hendrix Experience: Hollywood Bowl August 18, 1967, a set with previously unheard live tracks, will be out on November 10. Enjoy a taste…..

Some lost Beatles recordings could fetch up to $500,000.  (Full Story)  

Eric Clapton played a private gig to raise $2.2 million for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign.  (Full Story

Roger Waters released his reworked versions of the “Dark Side of the Moon” tracks “Speak To Me / Breathe”.  (Full Story

Check out Episode 2 of The Osbournes podcast.

Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers wrote an angry Tweet to the Rams, because he doesn’t own a cell phone, which made it nearly impossible for him to see a game at SoFi Stadium.  But some people in the comments pointed out that CONCERTS are basically the same way.  (Full Story)  

Winger is dropping a new box set, Chapter One: Atlantic Years 1988-1993 – which will be released on November 17, 2023 via Atlantic/BMG, and will be available as both vinyl and CD versions. Included will be the band’s self-titled debut from 1988 (which spawned the hits “Madalaine,” “Seventeen,” and “Headed or a Heartbreak”), In the Heart of the Young from 1990 (which gave us “I Can’t Get Enuff,” “Miles Away,” and “Easy Come Easy Go”), and Pull from 1993 (which contained “Down Incognito”). And long-time fans of the band – whose classic line-up was comprised of singer/bassist Kip Winger, guitarists Reb Beach and Paul Taylor, and drummer Rod Morgenstein – will probably be most intrigued by the inclusion of the fourth disc, Demo Anthology, which includes original demo versions of Winger’s biggest hits. Additionally, the set will be newly remastered by Ted Jensen – with the remaster process overseen by Kip Winger.

Dokken’s new album, “Heaven Comes Down”, will be out October 27. Here’s another release from that set.

“Hey Jude” was written for Julian Lennon, but he says he has a “love-hate” relationship with it . . . partly because it reminds him of a bad time in his life . . . when John walked out on him and his mother. (Julian said this on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast.  Check out video here.) 

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has a new solo album coming next year called “The Mandrake Project”.  (Full Story)  And someone asked AI to create Iron Maiden album covers . . . and they’re AWESOME.  (Full Story)  

Bachman-Turner Overdrive is returning for a fall tour . . . but it’s just Randy Bachman and a bunch of non-original members . . . including his son Tal.  (Full Story)  

Dee Snider’s original graphic novel, “He’s Not Gonna Take It,” will be released in November.

In the early days, Carlos Santana had a hard time gelling with his musicians because they were all pot smokers and he wasn’t.  So they rolled a huge joint and left it with him.  Eventually he smoked it and they got on the same wavelength.