Rock News Randoms 12-4-23

Rock News Randoms 12-4-23

Will Heart continue beyond their three shows next month?  Ann Wilson says only if it feels right and they don’t just “slide down into jukebox time.”  (Full Story)  

The Empire State Building paid tribute to the final KISS shows this past Thursday night. And after the very last KISS show on Saturday night, a VIRTUAL version of the band was introduced.  Fake Paul Stanley said, quote, “Your love, your power, has made us immortal.  The new KISS era starts now!”  

Drummer Simon Kirke says Bad Company is over.

Geddy Lee says that he and Alex Lifeson have talked about hiring a drummer and touring together.

April Wine’s singer/songwriter Miles Goodwin has passed away at 75.

Tesla announced a 2024 tour, including a March 13 date at DPAC.

A new docu-series titled “John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial” premieres December 6 on Apple TV+.

Dave Grohl had to use a “no cursing” sign during the Foo Fighters’ show at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.  Saying the F-word is punishable by up to a year in prison there.  (Full Story

Roger Waters once fired his own son from his band.

A new book about David Lee Roth is coming in January.

Bush’s Gavin Rossdale says that musicians are going to be out of a job because AI will take over.

Here’s the new solo track from Ace Frehley.

Drummer Matt Cameron says Pearl Jam’s next album is done. And in regard’s to anything being released from the Soundgarden archives, Cameron says “We’re still in the middle of a dispute with the estate”.

Don Dokken says he’s chosen the actor who will play him in an upcoming documentary about the band.

A remastered version of Queen’s concert film, “Queen Rock Montreal”, will hit IMAX theaters on January 18th.  (Full Story

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott takes you on a tour of his hotel room to show fans how he lives on the road.

Ted Nugent thinks we should hunt wild hogs from helicopters and give the meat to the homeless.  (Full Story

Lenny Kravitz and Nicolas Cage were in a production of “Oklahoma” together at Beverly Hills High School.  Cage was one of the actors, and Lenny was in the pit playing drums.  their classmates also included Slash and Gina Gershon.

Before he died, Jimmy Buffett did a video for the ASPCA promoting pet adoption.  (Full Story)  

Zakk Wylde’s Black Sabbath cover band, Zakk Sabbath, will release an album in March.