Rock News Randoms 2-20-24

Rock News Randoms 2-20-24

Brian May never really liked “Under Pressure”, because a lot of his guitar parts were removed.  (Full Story)

Robert Plant performed “Stairway to Heaven” last October at a cancer charity event. It was his first time performing it in 16 years. He called that performance cathartic and a trial by fire. He’s not sure if he’ll ever perform it again, but “something could change somewhere.” (Rolling Stone)  Plant also announced that he’s touring with Alison Krauss this summer. 

Pearl Jam ‘s new album, “Dark Matter”, will be out on April 24, and they recently dropped the title track. They will also be touring this year.

Paul McCartney’s long-lost Höfner bass has been located and returned, 50 years after it was stolen.  It’s been called “the most important bass in history”, because it was used to create and record so many Beatles songs.

Gene Simmons only got high once, and it was by accident.  (Full Story

Roger Waters went after Bono for comments he made about Israel and Palestine.  (Full Story)  

84 year old Ian Hunter will release a new album on April 19. It’s titled “Defiance Part 2: Fiction”, and, like part 1, it will be packed with stars. Included in the set will be members of Def Leppard, STP, Pearl Jam, The Black Crowes, Cheap Trick, the late Jeff Beck and more. The first single, “precious”, features Joe Elliott, Brian May and the late Taylor Hawkins.

On October 22, HarperCollins will release “Brothers”, a new book from Alex Van Halen.

Tommy Lee reveals that he recently had hand surgery.

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull will make a guest appearance on the new Opeth album.

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon released a cover of Gary Wright’s “Love is Alive”.

Santana is touring with Counting Crows this summer.  (Full Story

Former Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate says he hasn’t released solo music in a while because it’s “so much work”.

A new lizard species has been named after Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.