Rock News Randoms 2-27-24

Rock News Randoms 2-27-24

AC/DC is celebrating 50 years of rock and roll with the release of their entire catalog pressed on vibrant gold vinyl LPs. The first nine titles will be released March 15 — pre-order them now.

A biopic film series of The Beatles is in the works from “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes.  There will be four movies, one from the perspective of each member.

Kansas drummer Phil Ehart, an original member of the band, is taking time off to recover from a major heart attack.  (Full Story

Check out another new track from the forthcoming Judas Priest album, Invincible Shield.

Triumph’s Rik Emmett has completed radiation treatment for prostate cancer.

Lenny Kravitz remembers sitting on Duke Ellington’s lap and being serenaded by him for his 5th birthday.  (Full Story)  

Paul McCartney says lyrics from “Yesterday” were inspired by his mother.

Lemmy from Motorhead is getting a statue in his hometown.  (Full Story

This is a recent interview with Mick Mars, where he discusses new music, when or if he will write a book and more.

A Tom Petty tribute album, Petty Country, will be released later this year.

This is what Kurt Cobain would supposedly look like today, at the age of 57.  (Full Story

Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones revealed he’s been battling Parkinson’s disease for several years.  He hasn’t performed with the band since 2022.  (Full Story

Here’s fan-filmed video of Journey’s recent show n Baltimore.

 Peter Frampton says he was tricked into being in the “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” movie because he was told Paul McCartney was involved.  (Full Story

Don Henley is currently in court in New York, for the criminal trial of three men accused of illegally possessing 100 pages of handwritten lyrics that he says are rightfully his. On the stand yesterday, Henley faced questions about his arrest in 1980, after a 16-year-old prostitute suffered an overdose at his home. Don said he’d called a sex worker to, quote, “escape the depression” he was in following the Eagles’ breakup that year. But he added, quote, “I made a poor decision which I regret to this day.  I had to live with it for 44 years.  I’m still living with it today, in this courtroom.  Poor decision.” Don also noted that they had not had sex, that HE was the one who called firefighters to help her . . . and that he did NOT know she was underage until after he was arrested.