Rock News Randoms 4-2-24

Rock News Randoms 4-2-24

Def Leppard will release a new live album for Record Store Day on April 20.

GNR’s “Appetite for Destruction” has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Billy Morrison will release a solo album, “The Morrison Project”, on April 19. Morrison has been Billy Idol’s rhythm guitarist for years. This new album features a bunch of special guests, including Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Steve Vai, Tommy Clufetos, John 5, and more. The first single is “Crack Cocaine”.

Metallica played “Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” at an event honoring Elton John and Bernie Taupin at the Library of Congress.  (Full Story) And James Hetfield loves his cigars . . . and smoking them where he’s not supposed to.  (Full Story

Tommy Lee once destroyed Pamela Anderson’s $1 million trailer on the “Baywatch” set after she filmed a scene where she had to kiss a co-star.  (Full Story)  

Sebastian Bach says he can see a Skid Row reunion happening.

Gene Simmons says he’s done wearing the makeup.  (Full Story

Joe Satriani and Steve Vai are not only touring together, they’re making music together too. Here’s “The Sea Of Emotion Pt. 1”.

Paul McCartney named “Here, There and Everywhere” as his favorite Beatles’ song on this week’s episode of his “A Life in Lyrics” podcast.  (Full Story

Jeff Lynne is taking ELO out for a farewell tour

“Rock You Like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions was almost called “[Eff] You Like a Hurricane”.  (Full Story

Pete Townshend says that if you want to see the Who, you might as well wait for the “avatar show.”  (Full Story)  And here’s fan filmed video of Roger Daltrey, Robert Plant, and Eddie Vedder jamming the Who’s “Baba O’Riley” at a recent cancer benefit.

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson thinks the front row seats at a show should be the most reasonably priced, not the most expensive.  He says it’s the real fans who should be there and will keep the music alive.

During a show Sunday night, Bruce Springsteen signed a young fan’s absentee note so he could skip school the next day.  (Full Story

Vermont State University is offering a course on Weird Al Yankovic.  It’ll analyze what makes a good parody, how to pay tribute to another artist, Al’s lyricism, and the context of the world when the songs were written.