Rock News Randoms 6-12-24

Rock News Randoms 6-12-24

Steve Miller thanked Eminem for sampling him in his new single “Houdini”.  He said, quote, “To be included in your process feels good while I’m still singing and playing the music I love.  I’m Honored.” Check out his Instagram post.

James Hetfield says he struggled with anxiety leading up to Metallica’s 2024 tour.  (Full Story

Roger Daltrey is fed up with people going online and looking up set lists before concerts.  He’s also done doing the scream at the beginning of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.  (Full Story)  

Jon Bon Jovi can’t tour to support the new album, “Forever”.

The members of Europe are writing songs together again.

A David Bowie box set drops on Friday, June 14, and it includes a cover of The Who’s “Can’t Explain”, recorded during the sessions for Ziggy Stardust.

Styx and Foreigner are not only touring together, they’re releasing a Renegades & Juke Box Heroes tour companion album.

Axeman Robin Trower has cancelled his tour due to health reasons.

Dio “The Complete Donington Collection” is due out in July.

Talking Heads have announced a 40th anniversary deluxe edition of their live album “Stop Making Sense”.  (Full Story

Deep Purple’s new album “=1” will be out on July 19, and they’ve released the second single.

Lenny Kravitz has been celibate for nine years and will remain so until he meets the right woman.  He says it’s a spiritual thing and he didn’t like the player he became after his marriage to Lisa Bonet.  You can read Lenny’s full interview with “The Guardian” here.) 

Michael McDonald and Steely Dan’s Walter Becker once tried to be cocaine dealers . . . but they ended up snorting too much of their own product.  (Full Story

David Lee Roth put out a cover of Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny”.  His version is called “Jenny Jenny (That Telephone Song)” and includes acoustic guitar and harmonica.