Rock News Randoms 6-19-24

Rock News Randoms 6-19-24

Slash’s SERPENT Festival will be live streamed from Denver on July 17. And while Slash is doing some solo stuff now, he says 2025 will be all about Guns N’ Roses.  (Full Story

Dennis DeYoung and Styx’s Tommy Shaw are sniping at each other again.  (Full Story)  

Geezer Butler says Ozzy Osbourne desperately wants to play one last show.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on during the meet-and-greet/VIP experiences Megadeth is offering to fans while they’re on tour.

Eagles will be doing a residency at The Sphere in Las Vegas.

Michael Schenker has a new album about his time with UFO on the way. It has some special guests, including Axl Rose, Dee Snider, Stephen Pearcy and more.

A copy of “Double Fantasy” signed by both John Lennon and Yoko Ono is on sale for $54,000.  (Full Story

Some fans think “autographed” copies of the new Bon Jovi album “Forever” are FAKED.  (Full Story

Gene Simmons says he wishes he would have been harder on Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.

David Gilmour has released a tune that features his daughter, Romany, on harp and vocals.

Stevie Nicks says Fleetwood Mac is done without Christine McVie.  She vows to keep the band’s music alive for as long as she can on her solo tours, though.   (You can read Stevie’s full interview with “Mojo” here.) 

There’s a pretty wild line-up for the 2025 Monsters of Rock cruise.

After touring last year, Jon Anderson YES fame, is continuing his work with The Band Geeks. A new album, “True”, will be out on August 23. Check out the first track.