WSFL Rock Dog of the Week 7-8-24

WSFL Rock Dog of the Week 7-8-24

Meet Miss Tupelo! This playful pup has been in foster with the shelter Director since joining HSEC, and she can’t wait to share with you all about this beautiful Redbone Coonhound puppy that will bring you so much joy and laughter every day.

From the Director: Tupelo is a 7-month-old Redbone Coonhound puppy in search of her forever home. Tupelo gets along incredibly well with other dogs, is comfortable around cats, and adores being around people! Her playful and silly behavior never fails to make me laugh! Tupelo loves to roll and tumble around for no particular reason, simply because she is joyful and full of fun. Once, I even caught her attempting a cartwheel on the couch. Initially, I fostered her to help my youngest dog, Sunday, who was displaying signs of fear around new dogs. Through a gradual introduction needed for Sunday, not Tupelo who did amazing, Sunday and Tupelo have become the best of friends. Tupelo has played a crucial role in helping Sunday build trust with new dogs, for which I am truly grateful.

Though Tupelo can be a bit anxious about the outside world, she has shown remarkable progress in a short period. She has improved significantly in walking on a leash and is very sociable with people. Every time she meets a new dog, she handles it perfectly. I am confident that she will thrive in a loving home of her own. Tupelo thrives on attention and is incredibly affectionate. She is truly a wonderful dog! Whoever gets to be her forever companion is indeed fortunate!”

For anyone considering adding Tupelo to their family, her foster mom has one final message: “Tupelo is a gem. She’s full of life and love, and she deserves a home where she can flourish and be cherished. If you’re looking for a loyal, loving, and fun companion, Tupelo is your girl. She will bring endless joy and laughter to your life, just as she has to mine.”

With that heartfelt endorsement, it’s clear that Miss Tupelo is ready to find her forever home and fill it with her boundless energy and affectionate nature. Who will be the lucky one to welcome this precious pup into their hearts?

Meet Tupelo in person at:

Humane Society of Eastern Carolina

3520 Tupper Dr

Greenville, NC 27834

(252) 413-7247